• "It was outstanding. The children were totally captivated and engaged. I was really impressed with the content and at how much information the children have retained."
    Alison Bailey, Princes Street Primary School, VIC

  • "Very engaging! The students were highly motivated to participate in the lesson. The instructions are explicit and the information is highly relevant. Thank you."
    Katrina Durrant, Oatley Public School, NSW

  • "All of the teachers have spoken very highly of the professional and stimulating quality of the presentations, and the educationally sound nature of the content."
    Merryl Macey, Goodna State School, QLD

Welcome to StartSmart Online

Welcome to StartSmart Online, an exciting new initiative from the StartSmart team.

StartSmart Online proudly presents the StartSmart Teacher Support Program, which aims to partner with teachers to improve the financial literacy of Australia's young people.

The StartSmart Teacher Support Program provides all teachers who have booked a StartSmart workshop with engaging resources for teaching money management in the classroom. These resources include lesson plans, videos and multimedia presentations, and are designed to ensure that the ideas introduced in the StartSmart workshops continue to make a real impact on students' lives.

Where do I sign-up?

If you have seen one of our workshops in the last year and would like to be part of this exciting program. All you need to do is fill out this form. We would love your input and feedback on our resources.

Haven't seen one of our StartSmart workshops? Fill out this form to organise a booking.


 If you have seen a workshop and would like to sign up to the StartSmart Teacher Support Program, please click the button below.