• "Jess was fantastic, very engaging and born to be a teacher. Lots of energy and great examples."
    Maria Petrides, Braybrook College, VIC

  • "At last! Students educated in the important concept of budgeting and saving. Long time coming, but essential learning."
    Michael Newington, Victoria University, Sunshine Campus, VIC

  • "The students were very engaged during the session. The information was excellent and gave them an insight into what they could or should be doing."
    Sharon Reid, First Impressions Resources, The Australian Retail College, QLD

  • "Your workshops have been very well received, with comments from our senior trainers including responses like 'these are among the best and most worthwhile sessions we have had on campus.'"
    Debra Aarons, Martin College, NSW

  • "The two workshops conducted with my class were engaging and fun. The students found the presenter to be very likeable and she made the material relevant to them."
    Kris Turbet, Sydney TAFE, Sutherland College - Gymea Campus, NSW

  • "StartSmart workshops have enabled our students to realise not only the benefits of earning money, but how to manage it."
    Phil Sallis, Evocca College, NSW

  • "The skills taught will enable apprentices to make good choices that will help them finish their qualification."
    Joseph Dines, Polytechnic West, Electrical Campus, WA

Be practical with Pathways!

This program brings money management to life for students enrolled in TAFEs, Group Training Organisations and other vocational education institutions.

Pathways offers a set of six free one-hour workshops, each of which focuses on a different topic in depth. There are four money management life skills workshops, Transitions, Planning, Borrowing, Working, and two small business units, Preparation and Operation. 

Each workshop is an interactive learning experience that aims to engage vocational education students and empower them to make personal financial choices with confidence. Choose from any or all workshops in accordance with your students’ needs. 

Our flexible approach to content ensures that each of our workshops are relevant to the specific needs of the audience. 

See our workshop outlines below for more information about each workshop.

Smart Transitions (Ideal for VET or pre-VOC students)

Making Effective Financial Choices and Decisions

Students transitioning into vocational and further education face a range of scenarios and issues that require them to make smart decisions about their own futures. By challenging students to consider the long-term benefits of education and helping them understand the resources available to them while they undertake their studies, Smart Transitions effectively illustrates the practical benefits of a completed qualification.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • financial issues many students face and how they can be overcome
  • the benefits of completing a qualification
  • potential earnings and employment prospects
  • saving tools and resources (e.g. concession cards, Study Assist, Austudy/Youth Allowance) 

Smart Planning (Vocational Education Students)

Effective Personal Money Management

Smart Planning works with students to highlight the importance of effective money management. This interactive workshop identifies key challenges students face when it comes to successful, sustainable saving and cash flow management, whilst inspiring students to identify practical solutions to overcome those challenges.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • prioritising spending and cutting expenses
  • managing bills
  • using bank accounts for implementing a saving strategy
  • solutions for keeping track of your money
  • online banking
  • budgets 

Smart Borrowing (Vocational Education Students)

Understanding and Managing Debt

By asking students to examine their past financial behaviours and consider the personal and professional opportunities that informed borrowing can create for the future, this workshop enables students to make smart and educated decisions when it comes to managing debt.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • credit reports
  • where to go for debt assistance
  • different types of borrowing
  • understanding what to consider before borrowing

Smart Working (Vocational Education Students)

Employability in the workplace

By revealing the impact online reputations can have on employability, and equipping students with the tools they need to make a great and lasting first impression, Smart Working arms students with employability skills fundamental to their success in the real world.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • identifying and developing employability skills
  • understanding what prospective employers look for
  • the importance of making a positive first impression
  • online reputation
  • personal reputation 

Smart Preparation (Vocational Education Students)

Starting a Small Business

In this workshop, students learn what is involved in starting a business. By taking students through business planning, and handling finance, tax and industry regulations, Smart Preparation shows students that business success is in their hands.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • The definition of business success
  • The importance of planning
  • Regulations and legislations
  • Marketing and Finance

Smart Operation (Vocational Education Students)

Running and Operating a Small Business

Day to day management of a small business requires good business practices. This workshop helps students understand the importance of business management in managing and growing a small business.

Several concepts are covered including:

  • Cash flow management
  • Managing through an economic downturn
  • Identifying good business practises
  • Identifying opportunities for business growth

Our Facilitators:

Start Smart sessions are delivered by a national team of outstanding facilitators. The facilitators bring their own individual styles and energy to the task of engaging students and equipping them with money management skills for life.

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