Understanding the importance of financial literacy

Start Smart draws on leading research and best practices in financial literacy from around the world.  

The Commonwealth Bank has collaborated with international behaviour change organisation Karrikins Group to bring Start Smart’s workshops to life.

Dominic Thurbon, Karrikins Group’s co-founder along with Peter Sheahan, serves as the chief creative consultant on Start Smart. Dominic is an international thought leader in the fields of education and generational workforce and behavioural change. He has worked globally with groups such as the Australian Council of Education Leaders, IBM, Navitas, Apple, the ABC and countless schools and educational organisations. He regularly delivers keynote speeches on the future of education and strategies for engaging students in the twenty first century.

We have also worked with experts in a variety of disciplines to make our workshops as educational, engaging and accessible as possible. For our Primary program, we consulted specialists in primary education, cognitive development, instructional design and financial literacy. And we have worked to ensure that both our Primary and Secondary programs are mapped to school curricula in each state and territory.

Start Smart worked with the Workplace Research Centre at the University of Sydney to help inform the content of our Pathways workshops. The partnership focuses on aligning the workshops with the best available evidence on prevailing attitudes, behaviours and gaps in financial awareness among 18 to 24 year olds.